Monday, October 29, 2012

The Color Purple Private Property?

I think we need to completely re-imagine (and limit) concepts of property--

Kraft’s Cadbury Wins Ruling in Nestle Suit Over Color Purple - Bloomberg: "Today’s decision is a partial victory for Nestle as it “protects our brands by further limiting the range of goods for which Cadbury’s application may be registered,” Nestle spokesman James Maxton said in an e-mailed statement. Judge Birss said the trademark wouldn’t apply to boxes of chocolates, or other products such as white or dark chocolate. “In my judgment it would not be right to say that the color purple is distinctive of chocolate generally.” Cadbury said that the ruling “allows us to register as a trademark and protect our famous color purple across a range of milk chocolate products.” The “color purple has been linked with Cadbury for more than a century and the British public have grown up understanding its link with our chocolate,” the company said in an e-mailed statement."

I thought purple belonged to Yahoo! (LOL)

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