Sunday, October 26, 2014

Medieval Mead, Staging a Comeback (video)

Medieval Mead Is Staging a Comeback: Video - Bloomberg:
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Fermented honey, known as mead, had been enjoyed for centuries around the world. But what was thought of as a bygone beverage popular with noblemen and newlyweds, is now enjoying a renaissance in America... and is making its way to the UK. Bloomberg’s Tom Gibson explains. (Oct. 13--Bloomberg)

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Inside the New $1-Billion Posh Hotel in Paris (Video)

Inside the New $1-Billion Posh Hotel in Paris: Video - Bloomberg:
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Paris is one of the most-visited city in the world -- and attracts many wealthy travelers. That's where the Peninsula luxury chain chose to open its first hotel in Europe. The Peninsula Paris features the city's most expensive suite. Bloomberg's Caroline Connan takes a tour. (Source: Bloomberg 8/5)

Sunday, October 12, 2014

How a Victorinox Swiss Army Knife Gets Made (video)

How a Victorinox Swiss Army Knife Gets Made (video)
Oct. 3 (Bloomberg) -- Victorinox, the maker of the Swiss Army Knife, is retooling itself after its signature product has been all but banned from airplane travel. Bloomberg's Hans Nichols visited their factory in Switzerland to see if they have a plan to cut -- or saw -- through their problems.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

College Football Games, Students, Professionalism

The decrease even at schools with entrenched football traditions and national championships stands in contrast to college football's overall popularity. Total turnout at home games of top-tier teams hit a record in 2013, while average attendance has slipped just 0.8% since 2009. The growing number of empty seats in student sections across the U.S. is a sign of soaring ticket prices, more lopsided games and fewer matchups against longtime rivals, and the proliferation of televised games that make it easier than ever for students to keep tailgating long after kickoff.

At College Football Games, Student Sections Likely to Have Empty Seats - WSJ: ""We needed to do more," Mr. Guerrero says. "The fact that we have to persuade and convince and cajole and provide special types of activities shows how much things have changed.""

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