Monday, March 30, 2015

The Vulcan, Most Extreme Car Aston Martin Has Ever Made (video)

Aston Martin's Most Extreme Car Ever: The Vulcan - 

Aston Martin has unveiled the production version of it's Vulcan, the most extreme supercar Aston has ever made. It has a V12 engine with 800 horsepower, a six-speed sequential gearbox. The car is primed for track dominance and will cost about $2.3 million. If you want one, you better act quick because only 24 will be made. Bloomberg's Hannah Elliott has a look at the new Vulcan. (Video by Zach Goldstein) (Source: Bloomberg)

Monday, March 23, 2015

Luxury Car Dealers and Sales are Spreading (video)

Luxury Car Dealers and Sales are Spreading -

Bloomberg’s Kyle Stock discusses rising ultra-premium car sales. He speaks with Bloomberg’s Stephanie Ruhle and Matt Miller on “Market Makers.” (Source: Bloomberg; Feb 26)

Monday, March 16, 2015

Hyper-Luxury Brands Lead Car Sales Recovery (video)

Hyper-Luxury Brands Woo 1% to Pace Car Sales Recovery -

The strength of auto sales in the wake of the financial crisis has been led by ultra-premium luxury brands, with registration for vehicles priced at more than $100,000 surging 154 percent in the past five years. Bloomberg’s Matt Miller reports on “In The Loop.” (Bloomberg, Feb 26)

Monday, March 9, 2015

Test Driving Bentley's Continental GT Speed Convertible (video)

Test Driving Bentley's Continental GT Speed Convertible -

Luxury Car Test Drive: with its sleek, strong body and best-in-class performance the Bentley Continental GT Speed Convertible will cost you. At $267,000 the car is complete with high-end features like neck warmers. Bloomberg's Hannah Elliott drives the powerful car to Lyndhurst Castle to see if its really worth its six-figure price-tag. (Video by Zach Goldstein, Ryo Ikegami, Alyssa Zahler) (Shot at Lyndhurst Castle (Bloomberg, Feb 27)

Monday, March 2, 2015

The $952,000 Zenvo ST1 Supercar (video)

This is the $952,000 Zenvo ST1 Supercar -

Zenvo, a supercar manufacturer from Denmark, have built the 1104 horsepower $952,000 ST1. But they want to do more than build a light, fast car, they want to build a brand that can survive in a market renowned for failure. (Bloomberg, Feb 27)

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