Friday, October 26, 2012

Hague makes case for minimalist EU - Less Government is Better

Here's a novel (and futuristic) idea: minimalist government-- / Political Affairs / Hague makes case for minimalist EU: "BRUSSELS - British foreign minister William Hague on Monday (22 October) made the case for a politically minimalist European Union, saying that to be more effective it needs neither to be more expensive or more centralised. Speaking in Berlin, Hague spelled out that through London's eyes, the EU is primarily good for the single market and for a few foreign policy objectives, such as tackling piracy and "squeezing the Iranian nuclear programme." Further enlargement, particularly to include Turkey, is also to be supported. But notions of speaking with one voice on the global stage or furthering political union remain an anathema to the UK, where, Hague told the audience at the pro-democracy Koerber foundation, "public disillusionment with the EU in Britain is the deepest it has ever been." "People feel that in too many ways the EU is something that is done to them, not something over which they have a say." He said this why the government will over the next two years review "what the EU does and how it affects us."

What a wonderful exercise for any government to do - review what the government does (and should not do) and how it affects us!

For instance, we know from experience that governments (specifically the United Nations) and governmental bodies want to censor and damage the free internet. Often, LESS government is BETTER!

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