Saturday, October 6, 2012

Do Tech Entrepreneurs Need to Know How to Code?

A Question Asked All The Time--

Do Tech Entrepreneurs Need to Know How to Code? - Tech Europe - WSJ: "“The two most important skills for any entrepreneur are to prioritize scarce resources of labor and money,” said Katrin Buckenmaier, co-founder and CEO of Moscow’s travel-booking service Travelmenu, “and to build a founding team which has complimentary skills.” Hiring was also singled out by Alexandra Chong, CEO of social network Luluvise. “Entrepreneurs should spend their time on what they’re good at, and hire wisely to fill the gaps. Hiring is the most important thing. It’s a real skill, as much as coding is.”

"So what should entrepreneurs spend their time on? Kadri Ugand, co-founder of Tallinn, Estonia,-based GameFounders, was clear and succinct. “What should they spend their time on? Execution.”"

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