Monday, March 18, 2013

Unfair Competition "French Style"

What's unfair to incumbents is usually a benefit for humankind--

Mish's Global Economic Trend Analysis: Extremely Difficult to Keep Up With Economic Stupidity: "Reflections on "Unfair Competition" - Corporations always consider it "unfair" when any other company can do things faster, smarter, or cheaper than they can. The buggy whip industry once protested cars. Today, land-line telecom companies have to compete with wireless and they don't like it. Now, we see protests about VOIP (voice over internet protocol). Technology marches on. But France does not like it. The French solution is to tax Skype because it has an "unfair advantage". . . . It is a simple statement of fact that the more goods and services we receive for our money, the better off we all are. The cheaper, the better! Time and time again we forget free trade and lower prices are a benefit! We forget because unions, socialists, and corporations forced to compete against the sun (or Skype), scream "unfair advantage" at the top of their lungs, via political contributions to politicians willing to "tax the sun" to be re-elected." Read more at

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