Friday, March 8, 2013

Chromebook Pixel or a Legacy Computer

Computing has changed--think about that before you buy your next computer:

MacBook Pro (Retina Display) vs. Chromebook Pixel on video | ZDNet: "I understand Kendrick's need to try do a comparison between a Model T (MacBook Pro) and a Tesla (Chromebook Pixel). But frankly it's apples and oranges (sorry no pun intended). The Chromebook Pixel has better display (even Kendrick admitted this), connectivity (Chromebook 4G LTE vs. MacBook -0-), and storage (Chromebook's 1 TB accessible from any device vs. some local storage on MacBook); throw in the offline functionality of Gmail, Google Drive and Apps, and clearly the Chromebook Pixel is superior (except maybe for those stuck in "legacy thinking" or "incarcerated" in the Apple ecosystem). Computing is changing. The MacBook Pro is a good legacy computer for those who want to remain in the past. For everyone else: Chromebook Pixels!"

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