Friday, March 22, 2013

Chicago alderman tells gang members it’s OK to kill

Jonylah Watkins’ father cooperating with police, pastor says - Chicago Sun-Times: "On Tuesday, Ald. Willie Cochran (20th), a former Chicago Police officer, said he has taken the unprecedented step of calling on gang leaders to essentially deliver the message that it’s OK to kill each other, but don’t kill innocent people and certainly not kids. Cochran was joined by several other African-American aldermen and a former gang member at a City Hall news conference to condemn the murder. “We’ve talked with some of the gang leaders, and we’ve talked about how important it is for them to not harbor offenders that they know are offenders who have committed crimes associated with innocent victims,” Cochran said. “These are acts that are carried out by people on the street. And on the street is where it has to be dealt with.” Cochran said he never talked to the gang leaders about who shot Jonylah. He simply sought and received a “commitment” from them to pass along an important message."

Problem is, once you give permission to kill anyone, innocent bystanders are bound to be shot.

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