Sunday, February 16, 2014

Brain-dead Texas woman off life support, the backstory?

This was a very sad story (see below). I do not know whether this is a case of brain-dead legislators or a greedy health care system (no mention in the news as to who was paying the bill, or what the per diem charges were that the hospital kept running up, against the family wishes, even though the poor woman was already dead according to the judge) --

Family: Brain-dead Texas woman off life support - Health care - "A brain-dead, pregnant Texas woman’s body was removed from life support Sunday, as the hospital keeping her on machines against her family’s wishes acceded to a judge’s ruling that it was misapplying state law ... John Peter Smith Hospital in Fort Worth announced it would not fight Judge R.H. Wallace Jr.’s Friday order to pronounce her dead and return her body to her family. The 23-week-old fetus she was carrying will not be born. The hospital’s decision Sunday brings an apparent end to a case that became a touchstone for national debates...." (read more at the link above)

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