Thursday, June 6, 2013

Google Bus Haters Gonna Hate

Google Bus Hate: Give It a Rest - Businessweek: " . . . Overlooked in these diatribes are the thousands of cars the coaches keep off the highways at rush hour. Or the approximately 5,000 metric tons of carbon not put into the atmosphere. In their eagerness to inveigh against evil corporations, Google bus haters also like to complain, as Eberlein does, that wealthy tech companies “invest nothing in any kind of public infrastructure to support civic life beyond their own corporate interests.” Yet last year, Google was ranked the No. 1 corporation in charitable contributions in the Bay Area, doling out $23 million to regional causes. Is it worth mentioning that Google wants to make all human knowledge available to everyone on the planet? No, it’s too much fun being outraged. Let’s make another piñata to flail at."

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