Monday, November 5, 2012

Something Obama and most in government don't grasp

Here's something Obama and most in government don't grasp--the reality of the business world--survival is not guaranteed (unless of course you are a crony capitalist):

Sharp warns that it may not survive | Business | ""The fact that Sony managed to maintain profits shows management's strong will and commitment to continue cost cuts even while their product sales remain sluggish," said Takashi Hiroki, chief strategist at Monex Inc. "Compared [with] Panasonic and Sharp … Sony's earnings should get some credit. "But we still don't see what their major earnings driver will be in the future." Sharp said it expected to report a full-year operating loss of 155bn yen (£1.2bn), more than the 100bn yen loss it had earlier predicted. But it forecast a second half operating profit – a target that will allow its banks to justify a $4.6bn bailout of the firm. . . "

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