Sunday, August 17, 2014

Sherlock Lives, In the Public Domain

The actor Benedict Cumberbatch who plays Sherlock in the BBC One drama series talks about how gadgets and technology bring his character into the 21st Century, in this modern adaptation of Sherlock Holmes.More about this programme:

Sherlock Holmes is really, really in the public domain -- really - LA Times: "If the last thing keeping you from writing Sherlock Holmes fan fiction were the licensing fees, wait no longer. A judge has ruled that Sherlock and the familiar elements of his stories are in the public domain and, in a strongly worded opinion, criticized the Arthur Conan Doyle estate for its practices..."

The fight over Sherlock Holmes and how copyright changes pop culture - The Washington Post: "The long fight over copyright protection for Sherlock Holmes came to an end yesterday. Judge Richard Posner, who earlier this year rejected an argument by Arthur Conan Doyle’s estate that would have extended the copyright on the author’s early Sherlock Holmes stories, smacked down the estate again, ordering them to pay author Leslie Klinger’s legal fees after trying to extract a licensing fee from him that he was not legally required to pay...."

Sherlock lives in public domain, US court rules in case of the heckled brand | Books | "A US court has ruled that Sherlock Holmes – along with 46 stories and four novels he’s appeared in – is in the public domain, reaffirming the expiration of the copyright once owned by the estate of Scottish writer Arthur Conan Doyle." (read more at links above)

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