Sunday, December 8, 2013

Conjugal visits, Prisons, Reducing Recidivism

America and Britain, the leading incarcerators in the world, do not allow conjugal visits -- however the civilized world does --

Conjugal visits: No laughing matter | The Economist: "Prisons increasingly allow conjugal visits. But not in Britain and America . . . . evidence does suggest that conjugal visits not only reduce prison violence but also reduce recidivism by preserving family ties. In Canada inmates are allowed every two months to spend up to 72 hours in a flat with their spouses, partners, children, parents or in-laws. “We get to cook together, play cards and bingo, and be a family...The children get to know their father,” remarks a female relative of an offender in Ontario. The visits, says an inmate, “let us know that someone still cares about us”. Canada’s Correctional Service has advised the Trinidadian government on creating a similar programme. Perhaps America and Britain, the leading incarcerators in the world and western Europe respectively, will one day be open to similar counsel." (read more at link above)

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