Sunday, October 6, 2013

Youth Prisons, USA, Inhumane

Youth Today: ". . . But he was most affected when photographing in the Intensive Management Unit (IMU). “I explained I really needed to take pictures of the IMU and that I didn’t want to make it pretty. The administrator said ‘Yes,’ which really blew me away,” Davis recalls. “It was the most inhumane living environment I ever witnessed.” The IMU was usually locked down and “usually off limits,” Davis says. The IMU staff was just excited that someone else was visiting. The sharp-end of Davis’ visual memory is the hatches in the cell doors. “It is where [the kids would] get their food, mail and medical needs. That’s when the IMU really started to affect me emotionally. When I was working with them face-to-face in these institutions it wasn’t any different to working with kids anywhere,” Davis says.

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