Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sergey Brin Explains Google Glasses

Sergey Brin Explains Google Glasses - "Why did Google create Google Glass, its glasses with a heads-up display? To hear Sergey Brin, Google co-founder, explain it, it was to prevent social isolation. He got on stage . . . at the $7,500-a-seat TED conference in Long Beach, Calif., and looked down, pretending to use his smartphone. “That is why we created this form factor,” he said. He said rubbing the screens of buttonless and knobless phones was strange. “I feel like it’s kind of emasculating,” he said. “You are just rubbing this featureless piece of glass. There isn’t anything to feel.” “You want something that frees your eyes,” he said. Also, he said, “We wanted to free up your ears.” The sound goes straight to your cranium."


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