Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Biggest economy in Europe will be the UK by 2050

At first take, I doubted--but it's possible based on the current situation, projections, and demographic trends--

Coming soon: Europe’s biggest economy will be U.K. - Matthew Lynn's London Eye - MarketWatch: " Britain is set to become the richest country in Europe. How is that possible? . . .The reality is that Germany is fated to a decade or more of declining output just like its neighbors. The only escape is a breakup of the single currency — but that would be chaotic for the economy. . . . There is another factor as well. From 2015, Germany will have a sharply declining population. By 2020, it will have 80 million people, according to the Federal Statistical Office. By 2060, that will be down to 64 million people. By contrast by 2050, the U.K. will be home to 80 million people, according to a report last year by the Population Reference Bureau. So on demographics alone, at some point, the U.K. will overtake Germany. . . .

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