Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Gangs are part of the Chicago fabric

part of the Chicago fabric for decades--

Page 2: Father of Murdered Baby Jonylah Was Not a Gang Member: Spokesman - ABC News: " . . . . Brooks described four major gangs that operate across the city: The BD's, or Black Disciples, a large African American gang that operates across the country but is based in Chicago, the GDs; or Gangster Disciples, which formed in the city's South Side in the late 1960s; the Black Pistons, a motorcycle gang; and the Vice Lords, or the Almighty Vice Lord Nation, the city's second-largest gang. "From those they have splinter groups, and that's where a lot of the violence happens," Brooks said. "It's part of the Chicago fabric, unfortunately. For decades.". . . "

Who's going to change the "fabric?"

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