Friday, February 8, 2013

Wonder What Steve Ballmer Thinks of Mega

Microsoft CEO Ballmer interview: Dropbox dismissed as ‘little startup’ | BGR: "It’s too bad that Dropbox isn’t a publicly traded company, because it would be a great time to buy its shares now that Microsoft (MSFT) CEO Steve Ballmer has given it his patented reverse-kiss-of-death. Ballmer, who previously predicted the iPhone would flop because it lacked a physical keyboard and that Android would fail because Google wasn’t slapping OEMs with any licensing fees to use it, told BusinessWeek on Tuesday that the cloud storage company was just a “little startup” that posed no threat to Microsoft’s own SkyDrive cloud service."

We know what Steve Ballmer thinks of DropBox, but what about Mega?-- enters top 150 sites, bigger than DropBox, Rapidshare | KitGuru: "Kim Dotcom’s recently launched Mega file locker website has been climbing the ranks of the world’s biggest sites very quickly indeed. Just yesterday it had become the biggest site in New Zealand and today it’s managed to eclipse not only Rapidshare, but DropBox as well. This was announced by Kim Dotcom on his regularly updated twitter account, with the simple message “141.” This is because while’s three month ranking is still somewhere in the low thousands, in-fact the site’s daily rank has show to 141, ranking it in the top 150 websites in the world. Considering it was only launched on Friday, that’s a tremendous achievement."

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