Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Cruise ship delayed in Buenos Aires

Doesn't Argentina have anything better to do than obsess over the Falklands?

Cruise ship delayed in Buenos Aires; U.K.-Argentine Diplomatic Row Escalates - Seabourn Cruise Line: "A Foreign Commonwealth Office spokesperson told Cruise Critic that the Ambassador was summoned "over the Government of Argentina's failure to respond to several requests for an assurance that British and other shipping would not be disrupted in Argentine ports. "Ships engaged in legitimate commercial business, including tourism, should not be prevented from going about their business," the statement continued. "The Argentine government's increasingly aggressive actions against the people of the Falklands Islands are unacceptable and must stop." The U.K. is expected to file claims against Argentina before the International Maritime Organization, the European Union (and by extension the World Trade Organization). 2012 has seen at least three other ships affected by the diplomatic row. In February, P&O Cruises's Adonia and Princess Cruises' Star Princess were both refused entry to the Argentinian port of Ushuaia, because they had visited the Falklands. Cruise ship stops are estimated to be worth at least £10 million to the island's economy, a sizable revenue stream that, if disrupted, would threaten the Falklands' economy."

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