Thursday, November 8, 2012

Can Programmers Be Artists Too?

Why not?

A Recent Conference Asks: Can Programmers Be Artists, Too? | MIT Technology Review: "But software art—images, videos, and interactive content created by programming computers—is still experiencing resistance from the mainstream art community, according to Draves and others at the conference. While the field is decades old, they said, it still hasn't been accepted as a mainstream art form. Panel discussions included media art collectors, museum curators and new media artists asking how does one evaluate, collect and distribute this kind of art? How can social media and crowd sourcing play a role in art? And how does software change the language of art and the space in which it is exhibited? Much of the rest of the event was dedicated to celebrating work that could perhaps help convince some of those doubters. Keynote speaker Scott Snibbe called the computer “the ultimate looking glass” through which to create alternate universes. His work with musician Bjork on the first app album Biophilia (October, 2011) is exactly that: a cosmos of clickable constellations, each of which leads to an “interactive” song over which the user has some control. His forthcoming project is an interactive app for REWORK_Philip Glass Remixed (out this month)."

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